Our results

Throughout the project, the partners are working on creating the following results:

Needs Analysis

A needs analysis and networking report, raising awareness about the issues and isolation of young mothers in all partners countries and to present stakeholders and other organisations with art as a tool for empowerment and connections between young mothers. The needs analysis will include information on the current situation of young mothers in each partner country and what kind of support they receive. It will also include an analysis of their needs and concerns to guarantee the development of a suitable training programme in the other results.

Training Programme

A curriculum, training programme and open educational resources, focusing on the ideas of using art as a tool of empowerment for young mothers in the partner countries and to enhance their employability. The curriculum will cover both in-person training and teaching materials as well as provide all its content on the platform and will be adapted to an online training for future use. The training will be implemented with young mothers, aged 18 to 30, in all countries.

Community platform & groups

A community and training platform for young mothers, one for each partner country. Young mothers will interact and be able to contact each other, as well as find general information on the project, project news, support links and information on common challenges and obstacles in their lives and all videos and training materials on the platform. The platform will be available in all languages and be set up in a user-friendly and engaging way.