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We have collected further resources for you as a young mother, whether it be educational opportunities, support programmes, or just simple opportunities to foster your creativity, time for self-care, and allow you to exchange with others. 

Below is an overview of the topics in which we offer national additional resources. In case a category is not stated in the national version, there is currently no local or regional programme being offered. If you know of a programme or initiative which you think would be good or important to include, please contact your national partner, so we can improve the resources for everyone. Please choose your country to get started.

General support groups and programmes for young mothers

In this section, we offer general support groups and programmes for young mothers. They could provide general support, as well as support in some of the other categories. Go ahead and explore!

Mental health and counselling

Having a child often brings many challenges with it and can be challenging for your mental health and straining for your own well-being. In this section, we provide support for your mental health, highlighting counselling and group support. Because when you are well, your child can also be well.

Physical health and movement

While parenting is already physically tiring, it is important to keep a positive relationship with movement and physical health. Thus, we highlight affordable resources to improve your own body health and daily exercise in a non-stressful way.

Family and relationship support

As a parent, other family members beside your children and relationships with others often take a side role in your life. This often worsens the relationships between the outside and yourself. Here we recommend support for improving family relations and relationships with friends and loved ones.

Child care and development support

Do you want to know more about child development? Do you need an affordable child care system? In this section, we will provide you with additional support for child care and child development.

Creativity and hobbies

As a parent in general, but especially as a young mother, it is important to not lose yourself and take some time for self-care and time to foster your interests and creativity. Here you can check out some local and regional opportunities for your hobbies and free-time.

Educational opportunities

Did you ever want to learn more about a certain topic? Or improve your skills and competences? But you never took the chance as it was too expensive? In this section we provide you with learning opportunities which are already pre-funded and free of charge for you or are available at an affordable price.

European programmes

Any programmes and initiatives regarding the topics above but funded by the European Union or provided on an EU-wide range, will be listed here.